elizabeth peru

Your trusted cosmic guide.

As a soul leading a human life, it’s your birthright to experience the abundance of the universe. Developing a deep level of self-knowing re-connects you back to ‘why’ you’re here. As we stand at a pivotal moment in Earth’s evolution, you play a vital role in where we move to next. Elizabeth is here to encourage, support and lead you to this next level of conscious awareness Read More

Connecting souls, since 2003

Cosmic energy is constantly impacting upon our life. Knowing how to work upcoming planetary influences to your advantage gives you a leading edge. Each week, Elizabeth’s ‘Tip-Off Forecast’ guides you into your full potential, showing you how to connect with the current cosmic energy and its soul growth messages for your life.


Elizabeth Peru - Australian-based author, cosmic guide, independent publisher and spiritual teacher, whose energy forecasts and consciousness teachings are read by tens of thousands of souls each week, in over 100 countries worldwide Read More


You have the opportunity to work online with Elizabeth, one-to-one, as she relays and interprets the intimate messages of soul - giving you direction, inspiration and assurance on your life path Read More


Cosmic Messengers offers thirteen ‘Universal Secrets’ to unlocking your purpose and becoming your own life guide. You'll learn how to deepen your understanding of soul, your place in the universe and the role of cosmic energy in accelerating your life purpose Read More


Follow Elizabeth's voice, which is soothing and encouraging, guiding you to mental clarity, physical ease and peace of mind, taking you on a journey to meet your soul Read More


Elizabeth breaks down often complex, spiritual topics and delivers them to you with profound clarity. Experience a personal approach to learning that is designed to stimulate deep self-enquiry. Elizabeth shows you how to turn your biggest dreams into reality, while giving you practical tools to turn your challenges into your gold