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Join Elizabeth for the great shift of ages with a Global Online Gathering

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2020 global online gathering

LIVE on the Lunar Eclipse January 11, 2020

Herald in the new energy decade & era with Elizabeth amongst like-minded souls

Register to attend LIVE & also receive preparation materials & an archived REPLAY to enjoy at leisure

In this 60 minute event, you’ll….

  • Set New Year intentions & visions for the globe and your personal life for 2020 & beyond

  • Be guided through a powerful meditation to align yourself with the Aquarian energy

  • Learn about The Aquarian Era and what it means for us all

  • Experience an acceleration of your innate spiritual skills, your 5D manifesting abilities and an understanding of your purpose


- a free video event -

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In January 2020, it begins and you’re here for this!

Move into the most important energy decade of our lifetime, by joining with Elizabeth and a global cast of thousands, as the great cosmic shift into The Aquarian Age takes off

Join our global community of light, as we call in the new energy decade and Aquarian era together. Elizabeth will guide us to use our combined focused powers to create a critical mass of awakened cosmic beings, helping to advance the oneness of all life

2020, marks an energy changeover into a new egalitarian era of peace. An era where we move away from the control of darker, heavy, Earth-based structures and systems, towards an independent spirit, where the focus is upon the light and sharing of ideas and information.

This IS the dawning of The Age of Aquarius, a new astrological era that puts the power back into the hands of the individual

It’s the moment we’ve waited for, worked towards and envisioned for over 2,500 years

Just as 2000 ushered in a new millennium, so too does 2020 bring with it a future that is focused on near-instant manifestation, where personal responsibility, empathy and kindness become our new commodities

Starting in January 2020, building throughout the year and peaking in December (when Saturn and Jupiter will both auspiciously meet in Aquarius) gateways of cosmic consciousness accelerate our affinity with the stars and a remembrance of who we are. The great cosmic legacy, that we’re here to uphold finally takes flight

A new era begins.
Don’t miss out on all of the discovery and inspiration that awaits us in 2020. It happens once in a lifetime…


+ How do I watch the event and replay?

The event and and archived replay will be presented via streaming video on our website. Successful registrants will receive the date, time and details prior to the event

+ When is the event available to watch?

The event will debut on elizabethperu.com on January 11, 2020 at 8:00AM ACDT (Australian Central Daylight Time) and a replay will be available straight after

+ What happens once I've registered?

Everyone will be sent a welcome email

Current subscribers to The Tip-Off will be receiving updates about The Aquarian Call event. You'll be prepared with insightful exercises, information and vision worksheets. So, even before the event, you'll begin your longer-range planning of your dreams and desires for 2020 and beyond

If you're on our wait list, we'll contact you before the end of 2019 with further information about the event and the incoming Aquarian Age. You'll know early in January 2020 if you've successfully registered

+ How will I receive my preparation materials?

Current Tip-Off subscribers will be emailed insightful exercises, information and vision worksheets about The Aquarian Call event

+ How can I guarantee my place in this event?

You can guarantee your place in this event now (with access to preparation materials and an archived replay) by simply subscribing to The Tip-Off

Then email the team who will confirm your place - assist@elizabethperu.com

+ I was on the waitlist, I've since subscribed to The Tip-Off; how do I know if I'm in?

Absolutely, in this case simply email the team and let them know that you've subscribed. They will then confirm your guaranteed registration assist@elizabethperu.com

+ Why do current Tip-Off subscribers receive guaranteed registration?

As this is a free event and demand is high, we offer priority access to our Tip-Off subscriber community

+ Who do I contact if I have a question?

Please email the team for answers assist@elizabethperu.com