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BREAKING COSMIC NEWS (08.30 UTC June 23, 2017)

Dear Tip-Off Community, This is a special update to your forecast. Two weeks ago we had a major ENERGY BUBBLE burst around Earth. It happened at the Micro Full Moon and Jupiter's move direct. This released a band of negativity that many empaths, sensitives and healers worked tirelessly to clear over the past 14 days and nights (thank you). Now, right on the dawn of the FINAL SUPER NEW MOON of 2017, there's another great shift...

THE NEXT 24 HOURS ARE IMPORTANT. Your focus is needed. Breathing could be affected. Our bodies are shedding old patterns. This is a new beginning...

Under the Super New Moon our bodies are literally transforming. You may notice that you're hungry and yet your body is re-shaping and lightening up at the same time. Look closely in the mirror, your skin is also clearing, which means break outs could be happening because a new (higher vibration) you is pushing through from the inside out. It's like we're shedding old skins. Drink lemon water to keep your body alkaline and help with the toxic flushing process.

You may need to breathe in deeper to help with this process of physical transformation. Whilst the Super New Moon is happening over the next 24 hours, focus your thoughts and activities on the future reality you want to create for yourself. Imagine you are living it right now. Feel it happening All energy is supercharged and what you IMAGINE and FEEL you are living today WILL come true. So be very aware of this and do your best to be positive.

Love to you and trust that you benefit from this special update,
Elizabeth xoxox

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elizabeth peru teacher healer author

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