PSYCHIC ATTACK (aka The Illusion of Others)

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Dear Cosmic Community,

2018 is a 'very' interesting year. It's an '11' Master Year, which invokes what I call the energy of 'World Service' (2+0+1+8=11). This high-vibration energy asks us all to step up to the plate of our life, which many people are finding particularly demanding, especially if they're not yet prepared to take the personal action steps required to live up to their full potential.

It's only March and already we're feeling challenged to be living honestly and authentically, as we do MORE with our abilities and talents. So what does this all have to do with psychic attack, you might ask? Well, it has everything to do with it...

PSYCHIC ATTACK ( or what I call 'The Illusion of Others')
You may have heard of 'being psychically attacked' before. It implies that someone is sending you their low energy vibration, which is designed either intentionally (or not) to harm you in some way and/or to weaken you and your abilities.

When we're feeling full of light, confidence, energy and are emitting a high vibration, it's difficult for psychic attack to affect us. It bounces right back off of our energy field and is returned to sender.

However,  if we're feeling flat, emotional, doubtful, mentally strained, worried, or physically tired for whatever reason, we can be vulnerable to the energy advances of others. This is why it's so important each day to keep your energy field looked after, high and as bright as possible.

I like to call psychic attack, 'The Illusion of Others' because it quite commonly comes from the sender of the low energy vibes experiencing some sort of lack within their own lives.

This 'idea of lack' causes them to think that someone else that they know, look up to or (secretly) admire is way better off than they are. If they become jealous or envious of this, it can cause the person to want to pull the object of their attention down to their level. They have an 'illusion' of who or what they 'think' this person is. They may want them to be worse off than themselves, so that they can 'feel better' about the reality of their own life. Yet, the irony is that it never does make the sender of psychic attack feel better. It actually hurts them more to send bad vibes than it does for the object of their attack to receive them. 

Since January of 2018, we've been dealing with some high velocity energy coming at us in the way of solar radiation from fast moving cosmic wind streams, the eclipses and succession of Super Moons. This energy has quite literally stirred everyone up and woken them up too. Each of us is feeling a pull within our belly to be creating more meaning with our life. 

Now, I see this is causing many people to look to others for an example, particularly if they can't see within themselves what it is they have to offer the world.

Some people also do know what they can offer humanity, but they choose not to partake of the confidence boosting challenges of life and instead sit back and prefer to have  'a go' at others for doing and achieving what they themselves are choosing not to do - but secretly wish they were.

Now, there are healthy levels of admiration for others and then there are very unhealthy psychic acts, which impeach upon the free will and energy field of those who are the subject of one's ire. I invite you to consider that our mental energy is extremely powerful and that each of us needs to be personally responsible for where we direct our attention on a daily basis.


  •  You could feel flat, drained, tired and emotional for no good reason and while you feel this way, a certain person keeps popping into your mind. You're thinking of them constantly. It's like they won't leave you alone. 
  • You may know this person who keeps popping up in your mind or you may not know them. Either way you can feel that someone has directed heavy energy - your way.
  • If you answer, Yes, to any of the above you may also notice that your projects can't quite get off the ground. Every time you start something new, it goes wrong or there are setbacks. No matter how positive you try to feel or how fresh you desire to begin each day, there is a cloud that follows you around. And when you think about this, you get the feeling that a certain person is inside your head, gossiping about you or sending you negative vibrations.
  • NOTE: some psychic attack is quite sneaky in that the person sending the low vibration may act like they're your best friend or admirer to your face - and particularly ONLINE. But, you feel that their energy is not sincere and they drain you. This type of attack can be more difficult to identify and it can linger longer than someone who is more overt in their feelings towards you.


  • Do you constantly wish for someone else's life?
  • Rather than being inspired by another that you admire (so that you use them as an example to emulate your own success) do you wish that you were them?
  • Are you sending negative thoughts to someone who 'you' feel has done you wrong?
  • Are you focusing on someone else all day long, rather than on yourself and your own life?

  • Eat good healthy fruits, vegetables and wholesome food.
  • Exercise every single day. Keep your body strong and full of light.
  • Drink lots of fresh water and meditate regularly.
  • Make sure that you go to bed at a reasonable time to receive ample sleep recovery.
  • Do your best not to fixate on social media or putting all of your energy into the IDEAL or illusion of someone else.
  • If someone is bothering you online (with constant messages or energy stalking) then don't hesitate to ban and delete them and as you do so, ask that their energy be sent back to them. Even if they're being sickly sweet, it can be just as bad as someone who is directly rude to you. You wouldn't allow someone to come up to your house and write graffiti all over it without taking action to look after yourself. Your online presence is the same. Be strong and direct in your approach.
  • Regularly open your windows and smudge or clean your home, body, work space and online presence.
  • Do your best to occupy your mind with what makes you feel good, laugh and focus on your heart chakra. A strong heart field is the best tool against any type of psychic attack that comes your way.

What are your suggestions on how to deal with psychic attack? Let me know in comments...

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Dear Cosmic Community,

It's been a fascinating week of cosmic energy increases. So many of us 'empaths' have been reporting challenging days, where we've picked up on the pain and heaviness of others. It's been difficult at times determining what's our energy and what belongs to another. I've been doing my best to keep us all up to date and in the flow with daily fluctuations, by reporting in-depth in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast and in brief on my Facebook page

For most of last week, I kept saying that there was a new HIGHER vibration filtering through Earth. This energy was palpable and has come in the wake of the recent eclipses and is why so many people are clearing out at a cellular level. It's also why so many people have felt a bit flat or despondent while they are upgrading to be in alignment with the cosmos.

On Friday, I read a report that backs this up, as a high speed solar stream currently impacting Earth's poles is causing our magnetic field to 'RING LIKE A BELL'. It's being called a 'PURE, SWEET TONE'. This is high vibration energy and it's entering the Earth at the north and south pole. You can read it here

I love it too, how on Thursday evening of this week,  I intuitively took us all into the CORE of the Earth, which was like a giant crystalline signing bowl. This meditation is in direct alignment with the current energy. I encourage you to follow it to receive important personal messages from soul.

Here's a replay of my LIVE GUIDED MEDITATION from Thursday February 22, 2018

Always trust your intuition and know that there is always a cosmic reason for why you feel the way you do. As above, so below....

Elizabeth x

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Dear Cosmic Community,

Have you ever heard the story of how I began understanding the impact that cosmic energy has on our lives? I'd like to share it with you now, so that (like me) you too can grasp the wonder and magic that working with nature's cycles can bring to our lives.

I'm a seeker and a deep contemplator, who's naturally introverted, even though I can be 'out there' and extroverted when required. I've always been a seeker. I think it helps in the world of spirit when you like to go in deep. It helps to more readily uncover what can often seem like the hidden mysteries of life. 

Back in the late 90's I was questioning my life and what I was here for.  I wanted to be on purpose with a passion, even though I wasn't sure what that purpose was. I would read the classics by Buddhist Teachers and old Greek and Egyptian scholars. I wanted to reach a pure and ancient source of spiritual knowledge and decided that going back in time would help with this. This search over several years, then led me to start leaving my body (consciously) at night. I was having spontaneous OBE'S (out of body experiences) even though at the time I didn't know quite what was happening to me.

A Cosmic Experience
It was whilst out of my body consciously that I began to experience (first hand) that I'm a soul, who is still 'me' without a physical body around 'me'. This changed everything for me. Whilst out of my body, I was at one with the cosmos and I began to understand what cosmic energy is. I realised that our true nature is cosmic - that we are energetic beings who create what we desire via mind with the focus of our will.

The Cosmic Cycles - Nature's Patterns
So in early 2000, after an impactful wake-up call on New Year's Eve 1999, I decided to physically start applying what I was experiencing on a non-physical level. I started following the movements of the planets and stars every day and not through classic astrology, but through coming up with my own interpretations of what energy and planetary influences meant. I would watch for how my moods would fluctuate with these movements. I also started observing what was happening to other people at the same time, to see if there was a common thread of experience between us.

For example, in the build up to a Full Moon I noticed that I would be energised, yet some people would be drained. Likewise, when the Moon was New those same people would be energised and I would be drained. I could see how our energy systems were tied in to planetary influences. I also saw how not only people, but animals well also affected by these patterns. I likened it to the same influences we feel with the ever changing weather patterns. Cosmic energy was the same...

So, I began an experiment with myself. I started writing my own energy forecasts. I decided that as planetary cycles repeat I could look ahead, plan and map out upcoming influences upon my life. I started looking at the week ahead and what was happening with the planets and I would write what to expect each day, how I would be influenced on an emotional, mental and spiritual level and then I started following my own advice. I also started sharing these cosmic energy reports at the regular meditation groups I was attending in the early 2000's and my friends loved it, resonated with it and gave me amazing feedback on how accurate the information was.

My Life Purpose Opened Up - Following Energy
I found that the more I became aware of how the prevailing available energy was helping me (whether having a positive or negative impact) that I could work with it to great advantage. On days when I knew I might be emotional, I would plan for quieter, more introspective activities. Perhaps taking myself through a  past life meditation or releasing an issue I was working through of a personal nature.  On days when I knew the cosmic energy would be inspiring, I would plan to take a workshop, be creative, get physical or meditate and connect.

The more that I was consciously aware that I wasn't alone in this life and that a great force of nature worked with me and through me (as a team) the more 'AHA' moments, signs and messages were coming to me. Which led me to discover that not everyone understood energy like I did. I took to these interpretations like a duck to water, as I'd always loved looking up at the stars and studying ancient knowledge. I began to see that I was good at interpreting energy patterns. I started to see that it was part of my purpose to teach about these patterns and to share my knowledge with the world. It felt like going back to something I already knew. It felt like I had come home.

At the time I was living a normal mainstream life, working in a corporate environment by day and teaching dancing at night. In the middle of all this, I discovered my soul and by applying consistent spiritual focus, the cross over to a full-time career as a Cosmic Guide and Spiritual Teacher (working for myself) was born.

Your Life - Being On Point
I credit following energy patterns as the reason behind my continued ability to stay fresh and on point with the ever-changing ebbs and flows of life - and for keeping me on purpose. I still follow my own Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast each day. I credit it for my success.

I know that being aware of cosmic cycles works. It helps us to make sense of our everyday life and gives us reasons for why we feel the way we do and why we do what we do. It also gives us an incredible window into how others feel, so that we can choose how to interact with one another.

Do you follow energy daily? Have you seen how it influences your life? I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment, pass this post on and add to our conversation x


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