My Dear Community,

Regularly on my Facebook Page I hear stories about people feeling lost, depressed and assuming they are missing out because they are not feeling better about their lives when a great energy shift happens. I want to clear the air and put many minds to rest by saying that it is often when we feel most vulnerable and have surrendered to our pain, that the doors open and we make the greatest progress...

When life is going along at normal pace with seeming ease, we tend to put ourselves on autopilot. We can overlook our deepest soul needs and instead just 'get on with' daily living. It's not until a hiccup presents itself that we can stop and consider, if where we are and where we are heading is truly aligned with our life path.

Hiccups along our journey of life serve as necessary reminders and wake-up calls. The planetary movements present us with these cosmic stirrings which can become our greatest friends and allies. For example, you may be involved in a toxic relationship that you normally overlook and brush aside when you are unstressed. Yet when there is an eclipse and a great energy shift, you suddenly become aware of your unhappiness, you come down with headaches and a deep knot in your stomach. You realise that you are not satisfied with your life. Eclipses stir us up and activate our personal power. They facilitate a cleaning out of our life closets and they demand your attention...

So...when we get challenged by the cosmic forces, our greatest gifts are presented. We can no longer ignore our inner urgings. We are faced to look at them and that IS when the doors open. You just need to realise this!

Life breakthroughs often come disguised as slower periods where we become insular and quiet. It is often not a celebration when you make the initial first steps. It can be solemn and you may think something is wrong.  Nothing is wrong and all is well. It is when we slow down that we become humble and most grateful for our life. That's when you make strides ahead and breakthroughs ensue.

Therefore, re-consider your progress, particularly if you have been doubting that you are moving ahead. To move ahead in our power we need to take stock of where we are and what we truly desire. Adversity brings us this most delicious opportunity. Embrace it with loving arms and feel the doors open wide to you.


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