My Dear Community,

Have you ever considered stepping back from yourself as an individual? If only for an hour or a day? Stepping back from your problems or self-inflicted questioning and reasoning and taking a break from the battle between head and heart. Now, this doesn't mean negating your uniqueness, it simply means allowing the impersonal and all-encompassing nature of the universe to flow through you. Does this sound interesting? Are you intrigued at what living an impersonal life can do for you?...

So often we are caught up in a myriad of self-defeating thoughts. Am I good enough? Did I do the right thing? Will he be impressed? Will I get in trouble? What do they think about me? and the list goes on. All of these thoughts are self directed and self inflicted one could say. How many thoughts like this do you process each day, each hour, each minute?

What if you stepped back and instead of trying to direct and correct yourself from within, you allowed the universe to do it for you? What if you took the impersonal path?

When we allow ourselves to become vessels for the universe something miraculous happens.  We find that the help we have always desired has been there all along. Life takes on an ease and grace which many of us often resist. After-all we've been brought up believing that life is a struggle and that to get what we desire we have to work hard at it.

So how do you step back and get more impersonal with your life?

  • Firstly become aware that you are over analyzing yourself.
  • Say, "Stop" out aloud if it helps. Pull back from your over-thinking.
  • Say, "Universe take-over and flow through me. Direct me. I am your willing vessel".
  • Then go about your day, remembering your promise to be impersonal and universal.
  • What you will notice is that you feel like you are on holiday mentally.
  • All of your daily tasks will get done, you won't lose any sense of responsibility.
  • You will instantly feel that you are part of a team and that you are onto something big.
  • Living an impersonal life means not taking anything personally.
  • See how it works for you.
  • Experience what it is like to truly live with the full backing and support of the universe.
  • It's yours to use and always has been...

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