My Dear Community,

Right now the Moon is new and with this, we are in re-set mode, brought on by the 11: 11 Gateway. November 11, 2015 is a powerful day for the planet. On a soul level we know that when we see or hear the number one magnified (as in 11:11, 1:11, 111) it represents our go ahead and confirmation that we are on the right path...

As the Moon goes dark and turns new each month, the light of the Sun becomes quiet at night. Cosmically this energy draws us within to reflect, become still and decide our next direction. Do you like the New Moon or do you prefer the full light of the Sun reflected by the Full Moon? We all respond differently, depending on our experience and eagerness to walk the path unknown.

The New Moon teaches us to use our soul's light to navigate the dark. It is an energy that requires us to trust our choices and learn that we are perfectly capable off of our own esteem.

The New Moon that is happening right NOW, on the 11:11 Gateway, is a very special and STRONG energy. New beginnings are amplified by the power of the 11, especially on November 11, during the eleventh month of 2015.

When you see or hear the number 11, soul becomes excited. Soul resonates with numbers, as they are the coding of the fabric of the universe. Our energy is literally comprised of a series of numerical sequences, with the number one triggering initiation, instigation, independence and adventure.

Over the next 24 hours you are asked to walk fearlessly ahead into the path of the unknown. This requires that you drop all self-imposed control and trust that soul is perfectly guiding you in every moment. The 11:11 Gateway is creating new empowered leaders into 2016. Are you with ready to walk through to a new day?

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