My Dear Community,
I feel urged to write this post after a week that has seen fear levels on planet Earth ramp up a notch. So many good and emphatic people are being drawn into the sorrow and heavier energy which is being perpetuated through global media. Each one of us is a loving and caring soul and our hearts go out to people, animals and nature all over the planet being subjected to death and needless destruction. Yet, if we stay focused on this for too long, we will fail to see that 99% of the planet is radiating love...

Way too much fear has been stirred by up global media over the past week. As aware humans we need to be in our power and decide what we focus on. The reality is that most of the planet is doing fine. We are all going about our daily lives, doing our best and helping each other out. Yes, there are pockets of unrest on the planet and there always have been.

The more we saturate ourselves in news reports that promote death and fear, the more despondent we become as we start to believe that the whole world is actually like this. Imagine what would happen if all the good news in the world was reported everyday. We would have a paradigm shift. And of course this has been trialed before and hasn't succeeded. The fact is that the masses love to engage in fear because they have been brought up that way.

This is why it is so important to decide of your own accord what it is you choose to engage with. It's the only way we can ever live empowered lives of our own desires. It takes courage and determination to turn away for the mainstream whilst still mingling with it everyday. I know, because I've been doing it for most of my adult life.

You can be part of the solution on Earth without draining your energy and without turning your back on where attention is needed. How? Well you can choose to do something positive right now by helping out another person. When you give of yourself, you raise your energy levels and you also raise the energy levels of all those you give to and anyone in the vicinity who witnesses your giving. It's like a domino effect.

Your giving can be as simple as offering a smile to someone on the street, striking up a conversation at the check-out, listening rather than speaking about yourself, opening doors, offering some advice...whatever it is... get onto it and pronto!

We help ourselves and all others when we give of who we are. It costs nothing and it is the greatest love quotient raiser there is.

PS - it will also help you to snap out of any energy funk you are in and put you straight into the zone of soul...

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