My Dear Community,

Right now we are under the most magnificent cosmic opportunity. The Moon is full and brings with it our monthly opportunity to raise our passion and release all of our pent up tensions of the past four weeks. Each month as the Moon becomes full, we are naturally led to a culmination and conclusion of any thoughts or situations we have been considering. These are deeper issues which have the capacity to change our lives and lead us in a new heart-felt direction. The Moon you see, is our great friend and ally as it reflects the full light of the Sun at night. The Full Moon leads us out of our darkness and concerns, into the illumined path of all possibilities. So how can you use this Full Moon to your advantage?...

Here are my top five favourite ways to use the energy of the Full Moon to accelerate your life:

  1. Plan special dates and appointments (where you need a lot of honest and forthright energy) at Full Moon. We tend to speak our mind and are more upfront when the Moon is full.
  2. Be outdoors on the day and/or night of the Full Moon. The cosmic weather will quite literally draw toxic energy to the surface of your skin, so it can be cleansed and transmuted.
  3. Plan on meditating, stretching or exercising. Your body needs to move on a Full Moon to aid with release, so this is the perfect time to kick-off or re-charge your movement routine.
  4. Place your crystals, personal jewellery and any items that carry built-up energy out in the moonlight. Leave them under the Full Moon all night as the Moon's rays will naturally cleanse and re-set the electro-magnetic charge picked up from conflicting electrical fields. The result being ,that you will feel lighter and your energy will flow better the next time you wear or have these cleansed objects near you.
  5. Most importantly enjoy yourself on a Full Moon. It is a time for celebrating accomplishments and being in appreciation for your journey. Take some time to just sit back and reflect on your own. Give thanks and feel your heart open and connect with the Moon as you acknowledge your intuition. This is the time of the month when you can be at your most powerful psychically.

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