My Dear Community,

How often do you find yourself caught up in situations where you need to be around people who are often unaware of who they are and therefore, may be caught up in anger or sadness that they are projecting? Perhaps this happens with your family, old friends, work mates or friends of friends? It can be tricky to know what to do so that you remain calm and centered even though you can cut the air with a knife. In my experience, becoming the OBSERVER at such times is the key and vital for your growth and smooth handling of potentially toxic energy...

One of the greatest pulls on our resolve is the strength of negative energy. When someone is unable to clearly express themselves, they often hold everything in. This creates a great well of power that is released when a trigger to that negativity is touched. It could be a word, a memory, a song, the presence of someone who is happy and at peace, whatever the circumstance, we need to be aware of not getting dragged into a potentially dangerous energy situation.

3 Steps to staying in your own zone
1. If you find yourself surrounded by someone who has a low vibration, often looks down, isn't connecting eye to eye or heart to heart, wears a fake smile and is clearly holding in some resentment and pain, the first thing to do is know that YOU are NOT responsible for how they feel. Rather than trying to make them feel better (which is often our first reaction as we seek to balance the lower level energy) why not sit back and simply observe what is happening.

2. When you observe, you simply become aware of your energy as distinct to those around you. Notice how you feel within and become clear about this. Then notice the feelings, waves and vibrations you are picking up from others. How different do they feel to you? What are you learning about this other person? Can you simply observe and say nothing?

3. When we don't buy into negative energy by engaging with it and making it real, we diffuse it for ourselves and ensure it stays with the owner. It may be a habit you have picked up to try and rescue others and help them sort out their woes. However, I put it to you that the higher path to take can be to let them sit in their own energy so they feel it and can own it. Your presence and positive state is powerful. Become the one who stops the games and instead reminds us of who we are and how much ownership we have in how we feel.  Become the observer...see what a difference it makes!

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