The POSITIVE Mercury Retrograde

My Dear Friends,

This coming weekend we enter the shadow phase of the first Mercury Retrograde for 2016. Now this isn't cause for a big sigh, it's actually reason to say, "Thank you". If you've followed my work for some time, you would know that I LOVE Mercury Retrograde and encourage you to do the same.

Why? Well, when Mercury is retrograde, we here on Earth take over as the primary messengers in our solar system. Do you like that idea? Do you resonate with becoming responsible for creating clear and direct communication and passing on messages from soul?

Mercury has for millennia been depicted as the winged messenger. The one who brings swift and important information from the stars to our lips and our ears.

During a Mercury Retrograde you get this important role given to you. We all get a chance to dance with quick wit like Mercury and help one another out. We get to reveal how we really feel, as we uncover what we previously left out or missed off with one another.

We can actually have a greater perspective on our life during Mercury Retrograde.

During Mercury Retrograde we are:
•    Sharper with eyesight and intellect.
•    More focused and driven.
•    Like detectives, uncovering clues and not backing down.
•    Asking the tough questions we would normally avoid or shy away from.
•    More open minded and able to freely speak our truth.
•    Charged up in the throat chakra. Your voice will push and want to be heard.
•    Direct and to the point.

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