My Dear Community,

The month of November brought up a plethora of our dark and often hidden past feelings, actions and emotions. Yes? Have you been wondering why you were repeating old patterns and why you felt the need to be angry or deflated for much of the month? I said that November would be a month where we 'Consolidate' all of the lessons of 2015 and it didn't disappoint.

2015 has been The Year of Action, a universal 8 year for the planet, that has asked us to forge ahead, proving our innate value and worth by walking our talk.

Have you been acting out old habits you thought you had left behind years ago? There's a reason why we have been in full throttle 'letting go' mode over the past two weeks...

2016 The Year of Completion

December has already begun with a rush of fresh energy. Communication breakthroughs have been a welcome relief, as the often egotistical and hidden urges of those who hold sway in our life have been already revealed. 2015 pushes out buttons, it asks us to follow through with our big words, via big actions. Not everyone has liked this active, masculine energy that DOES require your dark to show itself as this is where great power comes from.

2015 : Masculine and Direct Energy
Our dark isn't negative or bad, like we are often made to feel. Our dark is actually hidden aspects of the personality (often called ego) that are direct and to the point. Our dark helps us become whole when we can assimilate and balance it with our light. 2015 has helped us to do become more in tune with our hidden drives and for this we are GRATEFUL...

2016 : Feminine and Passive Energy
Now 2016 is on our doorstep and brings with it a more passive and feminine energy. You are already feeling this changeover taking place and as it occurs we need to let-go of old pains and hurts which we have acquired in 2015. It's why you have been feeling a little dark and/or physically sore over the past two weeks.

In 2016 we need to be in our full authority and integrity. The feminine power is mighty and deep and will not stand for bravado. It is genuine and will ask you to open up and be a clearer communicator of your true feelings. In 2016 we complete what began universally in 2008, so we will see a throwback to old tugs of war between institutions and governments in order that we clean the slate, as we get ready to begin a new cycle for the planet in 2017...

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