My Dear Friends,

We now stand on the precipice of a great changeover of energies. The Solstice has just been and gone and we have been intently reminded that what we experience within, is a direct reflection of what is happening all around us. Yes? We have been shown that what we experience 'without' is a direct reflection of what is happening within. We are all connected and no one is an island to themselves....

The past week (in particular) has seen an increase in manifestation. We are being given practice at handing over the details of what we desire to the universe. Have you noticed? How well are you letting go of control? Are you getting good at not knowing what is coming next and most especially, trusting that what DOES come, is in your best interests?

For indeed, what you are now going through is a taster of what to expect in 2016.

Soon we will be asked to hand over our results to the higher power. You are being guided to do your part and follow through with practical steps that are essential to get the ball rolling in the direction of your dreams's over to the universe. You'll feel when this is the case. You'll get a knowing of when it is your turn to step ahead and when to step back. There will be a surge and then a pause, a surge and then a pause...and this is the new way of 2016.

And now that we are in The Mercury Retrograde Season until mid-February you truly can expect the unexpected...

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