2016 New Year's Message by Elizabeth Peru

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My Dear Community,

It is with great joy and satisfaction, that I write for you my final blog post of 2015. What a year this has been, one of tremendous pace, soul enhancement and personal growth for us all. 2015 has been The Year of Action and one where worldly success and recognition have been our primary goals. 2015 has been an eight universal year for the planet, with the theme of balance and harmony coming up as a priority to instill in our lives.

And now as we look to a New Year with fresh hopes and dreams, know that 2016 presents us with some very delicious opportunities. I've spoken about them briefly in my New Year's Message, which I trust you find insightful and uplifting. We are entering a nine universal year for the planet... an energy I am calling 'The Year of Completion'.

To all of my loyal community here on my Blog, on my Facebook page and most especially my Tip-Off Subscribers who support my work each week, I love you and am so proud of the way you are expanding your life path. Here's to a magnificent 2016, one filled with love in your heart and soul leading all the way... Namaste and Blessings x



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