My Dear Community,

We are right now on the precipice of some powerful cosmic energy for renewal. The past few days have seen us slow down to re-group and catch up on some much needed sleep. Yes? Have you noticed how your body is calling out for self-care and nourishment?

As we turn within over the next 48 hours, I urge you to make the most of this pivotal moment. Right now we are silently envisioning our 2016. We are laying the foundations for what will develop over the first six months of 2016...

On Friday the Moon will become dark and our thoughts are drawn within, as we contemplate all that has happened in 2015? Can you remember back to January and what your hopes and dreams were or this year? What has transpired over the past twelve months? Have you experienced all you desired?

Perhaps you have achieved your wishes or something even better has come along? It usually does...

We are in an opportune moment to go still and plan what it is we wish to bring through in 2016. The cosmic energy is supporting you to dream and envision your ideal life...

I suggest that you:

  • Write down the lifestyle choices you wish to embrace in 2016.
  • Imagine what it will feel like when you are living this empowered lifestyle.
  • Go slowly and pick your top 4 lifestyle choices.
  • Keep them somewhere safe and private.
  • Under the New Moon on Friday night, go outside and speak out aloud your intentions for 2016.
  • Feel the energy of the Moon fortify you.
  • Then begin to immediately bring these choices into being.

You can do this. Use the planetary cycles to your advantage and be in your power as we embrace the final two weeks of 2015 x

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