How are you this week my beautiful community? Have you noticed that the energy has shifted dramatically to last week, where we were stuck in our personal pain? To this week, where our energy has moved gear. We are in large part focusing on others and this can be either in our favour or to our detriment.  The tragic earth events of the past week have stirred us. They have reminded us of the precious life we lead and also of our vulnerability and potential frailty to the universal force.

Yes that universal force which can move mountains, is part of you. You are that powerful. We are all made of the universal life force and therefore, we each feel each others pains and joys. There is no separation between us. The suit of our skin appears to keep us contained, yet this is an illusion. 

Increasingly in 2015, our ability to connect with one another telepathically and invisibly (to the normal physical senses) is rising. We've always had this ability, for we are made of the universal force that flows through everything. Yet for millennia, we have been so physically seduced by the world around us, so much so, that we have believed it to 'be' us. We had forgotten our first ability and that is to communicate via thought and sound waves of feeling.

2015 is a special year. Way more powerful than 2012 and the hype surrounding the supposed end of The Mayan Calendar. You are not an island unto yourself. We can hear you. We know what you are thinking. You can't hide your thoughts any longer.

So I urge you, during this week, when it may feel easier to blame others for what you should be dealing with and owning yourself, to STOP.

Catch yourself in the act of giving up your precious power. Watch how it deflates your energy and actually brings you down. Then decide to change it. It's no one else's fault that your life is where it is. Your life is your gift and your responsibility. Own it. Love owning it.

As I have said in this week's Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast for April 29...

“ Do your best to blame no one (especially yourself). Catch yourself in the act of any negative talk and say, “No more”. You are maturing and expanding under this powerful energy. Use it wisely “.
— Elizabeth Peru : The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

Love you and I look forward to hearing your thoughts...

Elizabeth x


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