What a month this has been! The eclipses which began in March and completed their season on April 19, completely shook us up and asked us to 'let-go' of some very old toxic patterns that were holding us back. Yes?

As we come to the end of the month and are now on the precipice of a 'major communication overhaul' in May, it's important to take some space for reflection on April 30. Why? Well, so you can appreciate just how much you have grown and expanded. This helps your self-esteem rise, instilling confidence and inspiration. It helps us self-realise that we are not going round in circles getting nowhere, instead we are evolving. Yes it is a motion circular in nature, yet it is a movement upwards, in a spiral like fashion.

Remember that Mercury Retrograde is just around the corner in May. The season begins next week and to assist you I have written an updated Essential Guide to Mercury Retrograde which comes as a BONUS with this week's Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast. It's a 14 page step-by-step, printable guide (or view each day on your mobile device) that breaks down (week by week)  the phases of the retrograde and how your life will be affected. I'm a huge supporter of the Mercury Retrograde and so offer very positive guidance.

You'll learn all of my tips and practical advice on the most affected life areas during a Mercury Retrograde, which are:

  • relationships
  • contracts and legals
  • travel
  • electrical equipment and computers
  • homes and buying, moving, selling, renting, building.
  • business dealings
  • career moves
  • spiritual development

This guide comes as a bonus supplement with your Tip-Off subscription, plus there are other exclusives each week including my new MAY Overview video.

So as April wraps, I'll share with you my Tip-Of -The Day as written in this week's Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast for April 30...

“ At any month end it is important to slow down just a little (if only for ten minutes) and look back on the month that has been. I suggest you look at a calendar and gaze over each week and write down what comes to you as you do so. There may have been a key situation play out or something you are very proud of that helped you to grow. Whatever it is, record it so that you acknowledge it. “
— Elizabeth Peru - The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

Love you and let me know how April has changed your life for the better...

Elizabeth x


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Posted on April 30, 2015 .