EVERYTHING IS OK - The world hasn't gone crazy

My Dear Community,
The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

I need to take a stand using my leadership role in the personal development community... to help anyone who is currently panicking that there is something wrong with Earth or that their life is in a big mess or disarray. Please know everything is OK at present. We are not is some downward spiral. It may seem that your head (your personality is confused) yet this is a natural occurrence under the pre-shadow of The Mercury Retrograde...

  • We are in a trial run for what we will sift through and sort out come May 18/19.
  • You are meant to have all sorts of personal issues come up right now.
  • Take note and do not panic if your answers are not clear as yet.
  • Your answers and action steps are forming and options are being given.
  • Clarity will come once The Mercury Retrograde proper begins.

I've written a 14 page (in-depth) Essential Guide to Mercury Retrograde. It covers everything you need to know about the entire Mercury Retrograde season which runs from May 4 until June 12.

When we are prepared we work with the cosmic climate rather than being shocked by it...this is why I have written The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast for the past twelve years. So you can be informed ahead of time. It makes all the difference...love you xxx

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