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I've spoken already this week, about the need for those people who are 'awakened' to take an immediate leadership role in their life. There's no point running around complaining about the current energy if you know better. Now is there?...

Enough!!!...Solutions to current seeming 'problems' are so at hand. In the lead up to Mercury Retrograde (which commences next week) your affirmative actions are critical.

How to arrive at your solution?
It's easier than you may think. To begin with, the thing 'not to do' is sit around in any situation without making changes. You will get more stuck and more deeply intrenched in a negative thought pattern. Manifestation skill shave amplified x 10 since 2015 began. So think about it, the more you focus on what is wrong, the more you will get of what's wrong.

It's about DOING not praying or wishing - your solution
However, if you actually get up and take any action in the direction of what makes you feel good, you will move the stuck energy in an instant and solutions will appear. Just thinking about what you desire is not enough. Same as wishing or praying they are the forerunners to manifesting. What creates your dreams into a reality is ACTION. Action is what moves energy to bring you back to balance and your core.

The brilliant thing is you don't have to know 'how' your solutions will come, you just need to do ANYTHING that will make you feel good i.e. make your favourite meal, get those shoes you've wanted, work on the garden that's been bothering you, talk to the friend you've been meaning to catch up with...anything.

Action breaks the cycle of despair. It brings in a material energy that then meets your invisible desires. Assuring that the universe can then set about bring your desires to you, for you are no longer blocking them with your negative thoughts. You are that powerful. You can make or break your life's desires by what you focus on.

To assist with your focus, I've written a 14 page (in-depth) Essential Guide to Mercury Retrograde. It covers everything you need to know about the entire Mercury Retrograde season which runs from May 4 until June 12.

When we are prepared we work with the cosmic climate rather than being shocked by it...this is why I have written The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast for the past twelve years. So you can be informed ahead of time. It makes all the you xxx

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