THE EARTH NEEDS YOU TO RISE - here comes Mercury Retrograde

My Dear Community,
The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

I've said it since 2015 began and now is a perfect time to reiterate that...2015 is 'The Year of Action'. Earth activity has intensified in May and is following suit with the energy of renewal and we must too! There's no point fighting or vehemently resisting change. You just make the push to shift stronger. Instead it is ultra important that we act on what is good for us without delay. As we do so, we help the planet rise and move away from the old cycle of poverty, war and inequality. As we individually rise, we all rise as a collective and I urge you now...let's go.

Back on May 4 the cycle of change accelerated. Look back to this date and you will concur. This is when the pre-shadow of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde began. Seeming problems and issues have cropped up at lightening pace, yet see the GOLD in this for you.

Mercury uncovers what was previously hidden and working against us. Since May 4 we are being shown daily what is out of alignment in our life. And if there has been a lot, well then you will be seeing a lot and needing to move on a lot.

Rather than fight this...BE THANKFUL. Starting May 19 you get to sort it all out and start again with a clean, clear slate. We've got to love the planets impact on our life. We are surely being helped to get strong and on a happy life track.

To assist you be in your power and rise right now, I've written a 14 page (in-depth) Essential Guide to Mercury Retrograde. It covers everything you need to know about the entire Mercury Retrograde season which runs from May 4 until June 12.

When we are prepared we work with the cosmic climate rather than being shocked by it...this is why I have written The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast for the past twelve years. So you can be informed ahead of time. It makes all the difference and keeps you in your power, in the moment

All love and power to you xxx

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Posted on May 13, 2015 .