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How are you this week? Life seems like a whirlwind doesn't it? Have you had multiple opportunities arise all at once? Now what I call 'opportunities' may at first seem like 'challenges' to you, yet they present you with new ways of going about old issues.

In the lead up to The Mercury Retrograde (which commences early next week) we are in the pre-shadow phase and have been since May 4. Every day we have been thrown curve balls that force us to see where life has become way too complicated. And it's mentally complicated situations, that Mercury deals with. It throws all of our worries and concerns up in the air at once and says, "Now what do you need and what can you let fall away?"...

So ask yourself, "Where can I simplify my life right now?"

Is there 'one area' you can focus on each day? Sure there may be several matters that are calling your attention right now. Yet, is there one area that is more important? Surely there is. Focus all of your attention into it.

What you will find, is that your other issues then seem less pressing. Why? For you are acting on solving one area of major importance. It builds your esteem, it builds your energy field. It gives you BACK YOUR POWER.

And that is what Mercury Retrograde does for you. Gives you an opportunity to clean up your life, prioritize and own your power....

To assist with your focus, I've written a 14 page (in-depth) Essential Guide to Mercury Retrograde. It covers everything you need to know about the entire Mercury Retrograde season which runs from May 4 until June 12.

When we are prepared we work with the cosmic climate rather than being shocked by it...this is why I have written The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast for the past twelve years. So you can be informed ahead of time. Love to you xxx

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Posted on May 14, 2015 .