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The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

The energy has been building since May 4 and for many of us has already reached a pinnacle. Have you found yourself at a choice point over the past few days? Has there been a critical decision you need to make, particularly regrading owning and respecting your own power? Are you taking affirmative action steps to rectify what is out of balance, or are you staying stuck, feeling you don't know what to do? We are all being asked to decide. The Earth has been shifting (just like you have been called to) and it is deciding. Hence, we have seen an increase in earth movements and changing weather patterns....

You may have seen an increase in your daily challenges, now that we are in the pre-shadow period of the Mercury Retrograde. Yet, come next week when the retrograde begins on May 18/19, so much will start to make sense.

You will see that you needed a good shake-up. In this 8 year for the planet, 2015 is The Year of Action and calls you to do what is in your best interests daily. If you don't follow through with positive daily actions in your favour and you just hold back and procrastinate, when intense cosmic pushes come along (like Mercury Retrograde) it will seem that the world as gone mad...when it has not. You have just let your opportunities slide prior to this and now you get them all at delivered once...Understand?

So will you crumble or will you rise and get on with creating a focus and making daily priorities?

To assist with your focus, I've written a 14 page (in-depth) Essential Guide to Mercury Retrograde. It covers everything you need to know about the entire Mercury Retrograde season which runs from May 4 until June 12.

When we are prepared we work with the cosmic climate rather than being shocked by it...this is why I have written The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast for the past twelve years. So you can be informed ahead of time.

Love to you xxx

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