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OK, here we go with one of the most thrilling, fast paced and personally beneficial three week periods of 2015. The Mercury Retrograde begins today and brings with it insight and a complete clear out with how we present who we are and how we communicate with the world around us. We have been preparing for this cosmic event since May 4, when we entered the pre-shadow phase. Remember back to the beginning of May? Hasn't it been a mega month of revealing some hard (yet essential) home-truths, that have quite literally re-shaped the outlook on your direction this year?

The next 24 hours should be a relief to many. Why? The energy starts to move and you will be called to act on your hunches. We begin in-depth investigations into our previous, perhaps often 'sloppy or slap-dash' communication behaviours.  You will be using what you uncover to  improve your present standing and ensure that you make good strong decisions going.

In short, Mercury Retrograde is a very positive period of the year. Yes you can enter into contracts and begin anything new, particularly if you thrive on independence, flexibility, freedom and riding on the cosmic flow. Mercury is about to become your best friend...

Elizabeth x

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