MERCURY RETROGRADE: perfect for research and fact finding

My Dear Community,
The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

Now that the Mercury Retrograde has begun, did you know that we are in the most perfect period of the year for doing our research and getting our facts straight and sorted. How so? Well any area of life where you have let yourself become sloppy or disinterested (relating to communication) is now up for review. So you had better get cracking, there's just three weeks to pack in the detailed work that you may have left untouched for years... 

I love Mercury Retrograde for the push it gives us to look into our 'personal administration details'. Details that at other times of the year we may shun, for fear of what we will uncover or find. Yes?

Do you often say, "I'll look into that later" or "I don't need to worry about that", only to find you have avoided some very important details which could prove costly down the track? Mercury Retrograde gives you the confidence to ask the questions and do the research in areas you may normally overlook.

For example, the retrograde is the perfect for researching:

  • insurance needs, business set-ups, employment contracts, legal requirements
  • house renovations, rental properties, new home buying, home selling
  • accounting and taxation needs, education, financial planning

Far from being a time to avoid such issues, it is optimal to drill down into the detail, get thorough, open your voice, question everything, disclose your truth and therefore, be right on the mark with your answers. Great isn't it?

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