IMPORTANT 24HRS: Intense Opportunity Abounds

My Dear Community,
The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

Hasn't the lid lifted since the weekend? How are you rolling with the Mercury Retrograde and the recent Saturn Opposition? There is so much opportunity about and people everywhere are being called to account....The next 24 hours in particular are intense.

How to make the most of this cosmic moment...

As I've said in The Tip-Off Forecast for the beginning of this week...
"Following on from the intense energy of the Saturn Opposition this weekend, now the energy rises and moves very quickly. It is breaking up any congestion you may have felt from the slower and rather serious pace of the last two days. I liken this energy to a puppy running furiously through a room and whipping up the flow. It helps us decompress and awaken."

Over the next 24 hours opportunities come our way.  Will you jump, knowing that what is being presented to you is what you have long asked for? Or will you hang back? Mercury suggests a very direct approach... x

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