Breaking the spell...

I live a very interesting life. Each day is absorbed in spirit and the physical in equal measure. My whole business is spirit based in essence, which then ensures that the physical aspect, the day to day running and administration of my work is equally as strong. It's a real misconception that once you work in the personal development and healing field, life floats along on a cloud with everything coming to you easily. Far from it. You need to be stronger, more focused and harder working than ever. Why? Well because you now have a foot in both worlds (for real) and you are walking your talk. This is when the fun begins...

And it is so important that you focus and hone in on your specialty craft. Otherwise your energy will go everywhere at once and become watered down, potentially weakening your resolve. I've seen so many therapists, healers, writers and psychics come and go over the years. Starting off with a bang and then fizzing out, feeling dejected and depleted, simply because they spent their energy in areas that did not suit them. They tried to be and do what they thought everyone else was, rather than focusing on what they were good at, regardless of whether it was known, popular or whatever.

Sometimes we can think that there is a spell to break, that some sort of energy is holding us down or back, if we are not making the headway we feel we should be. Yet what if that spell has been put on you by you? And that spell is simply your own lack of self confidence and uncertainty at the new ventures and ground you are breaking.

What if you stick with it and pour all of your energy and thoughts into what you are creating? What if you cocoon yourself into your own creative field, full of uplifting and self-motivating actions? What if you focus on what you love each day and grow your confidence this way?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, particularly if you work for yourself in this industry. How are you breaking your spell and focusing on what you love consistently?

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Posted on May 26, 2015 .