Planetary Alignments May 28/29 - NO FEAR

My Dear Community,
The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

I'm going to have a say about a topic, I actually wasn't going to mention, as I didn't want to give it any more airtime or energy than it already has, yet so many people are concerned and asking me, that I will speak.

I'll keep it brief...

There is a video doing the rounds, which talks about the Earth and Moon equilibrium being disturbed on May 28/29 by Ditrianum Media. It has created a lot of traction as it mentions a huge earthquake on the west coast of the US for this date. Given the recent large Nepalese quakes and those around the Solomon Islands, many people are scared and concerned.

Whilst I'm sure the creator is well meaning in his interpretation,  given that we are under a Mercury Retrograde and last weekend's annual Saturn Opposition, our buttons are already being pushed and people's already frayed nerves have flared.  I often find the more that we speak about something which hasn't occurred, the less opportunity it has to occur, as the energy has already been spent around it. We extract what we need without going through the motions. Perhaps this video is helping some people to get connected cosmically? Others who have been connected for some time, will not even notice it.

It's often the events that we never speak about which catch us unawares. Which is one of the reasons I have written The Tip-Off Forecast for over eleven years, so we can be aware of the planets potential impacts on our Earth lives and then we can decide how to use these influences to our best advantage. We are always being helped and assisted by the cosmos of which we are a part.

In short, it is important not to fear. Use your valuable energy to focus on what is right in front of you and excel your life. Do your best to move forward with your life right now in this very exciting phase we are in for uncovering and using our potential every day. It's a hands on action phase until the end of May as we lead in to the halfway mark of the Mercury Retrograde.

I love you guys and send you infinite blessings xxx

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