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Hello and welcome to my latest News!

What a week it has been since the Saturn Opposition last weekend. People everywhere have been telling me how they feel sluggish and somewhat withdrawn this week. Have you? Saturn will do that to you, when it is aligned directly with the Sun once a year. I like to use this energy to reassess and re-charge. Sometimes we need a cosmic slowdown in order that we look into the moment with more focus and dedication...

Each week I am busy writing upcoming Tip-Off Global Energy Forecasts as well as planning and working on new projects with my team for you to enjoy and benefit from. 

The theme for this week's  Tip-Off Forecast is self-worth and recognition. Why? Well we have an upcoming week from May 29 - June 4, where the daily energy is supporting us to follow through with all projects that advance our life and make us feel good. It's a truly exciting week and one of heightened positive energy. And yes, it's still Mercury Retrograde and I say, "Love this period". You'll uncover hidden gems if you do your work each day and make those running changes as they come up for you.

Myself, I have been focused on slowing down and taking some time out for myself. Like you, I feel the ebbs and flows of every energy shift and do my best to honour the call of the cosmos and become still. It's in that stillness that all of our answers come.

I have a feeling that in the coming week major breakthroughs will be here from this more internal week we have just been through...so let's get ready to crank it up a notch!

~ This will be the final week that my 40 minute exclusive recalibration meditation 'Upgrade Your Body With Energy Shifts' is available for Tip-Off subscribers.  So make sure you listen to it and benefit from the high vibration. All NEW subscribers this week, receive the meditation, so ensure you are one of them.

~ I am also creating new videos for you to enjoy. I released a Stillness Meditation and Soul Connection Video on my blog yesterday and Tip-Off subscribers have access to my NEW June Energy Overview Video.

Sending you my love for a spectacular day, basking in the light of your soul xxx

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