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My Dear Community,
The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

I've been sitting on this post all week, waiting to feel where the energy would go and when it would break. We have all been through an intense slow down of our energy since the annual Saturn Opposition last weekend, when the Earth, the Sun and Saturn all formed a straight line, with Earth right in the centre. At the time it was a huge energy rush. Do you remember? So much cosmic light filtered through Earth, bringing with it an intense wave of personal responsibility. Many of us felt the deep desire to connect with soul and rekindle our purpose. Did you? Have you noticed that your energy body has been reworked this week?

Many people have been reporting tiredness, dull headaches and aching muscles and limbs. All symptoms of a shift in vibration and a raising of energy. In order to function at a higher and less dense level of consciousness we need to release the old energy templates which create our physical body. To do this it is common to incubate. We are forced to sleep more and slow down our daily activities.

We don't always like this process of being re-wired (so to speak), as we can think that something is wrong with us, that we are ill or that we are falling behind in our spiritual growth. Far from it...

Over the past 24 hours the energy has turned and we are waking up from the past 7 days of toxic release, feeling refreshed and ready to extend our new light into this world.

You may have noticed in particular that your HEARING has turned up a notch. Sensitivity to harsh sound is common and the ability to hear across great distances, is developing for many people. You can almost overhear conversations of people you know or tune into. Interesting isn't it? Soon we will not be able to get away with thinking one thing and saying another. Impeccability of thought will be required, so let's get practicing now!

I felt this shift taking place as I was writing this week's Tip-Off Forecast. There is such positivity every day as June begins, further helped along when we hit the halfway mark of the Mercury Retrograde this weekend. Bring it on I say..let's go new humans xxx

What have been your experinces this week? Have you felt this lift? Let me know by commenting below and join in the global conversation. Remember it is often darkest before the dawn, and then the sunshine beams...

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