The Mercury Retrograde Season begins...

Hello my beautiful community,
How are you as the Moon is Full and the intensity of the last week has now reached a pinnacle? The bubble has indeed burst. Yes? The next 24 -48 hours are so important. Why? Well, because the season of the Mercury Retrograde kicks off as the pre-shadow begins.

Yes, I say that the Mercury Retrograde has a season, because we are under it's influence for some seven  weeks. This includes the lead up (the pre-shadow), Mercury Retrograde proper and the post shadow period as well. Early May right through to June will be excellent for getting precise and in control of your life.

It's life transforming energy and I encourage you to welcome it in with open arms. I'm a huge supporter of Mercury Retrograde, as I have seen in my own life and the lives of others, how it makes us stronger and better communicators, if we simply do the work (during the next seven works) on becoming clear. This involves speaking our truth and most importantly acting on what we think and say. Impeccable communication in other words.

I have written all about the benefits (in-depth) and practical issues of the Mercury Retrograde in my 14 page bonus Essential Guide to Mercury Retrograde, which comes with your Tip-Off Forecast subscription.

Mercury is the messenger planet that sits closest to the Sun in our solar system. It impacts everything on Earth that is electric, fast moving and communicative, including our voice. It also triggers our cheeky and playful side, so you can expect to be revved up and encouraged to have a strong sense of humour throughout May.

• Until May 18/19 we are now in ‘the shadow phase’ of the retrograde.
• You are preparing for what you will act on in late May.
• Whatever themes and issues are prevalent in your life over the next two weeks, will be your personal themes for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde.
• The Mercury Retrograde begins on May 18/19 and lasts until June 11/12.
— Elizabeth Peru ~ The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

So be very aware as the week begins. What you are focused on now and for the next two weeks is what you will master come mind-May. Liberating isn't it?

Love you x

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