Very Intense Energies - HEADS UP

My dear community,

The Full Moon has burst our bubble nicely and now the energy over the next 24 - 48 hours is nothing short of... intense. We are being challenged to up-shift and upgrade our lives and this means making some swift new, breaking decisions.

As I have said in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast...

The energy is fast paced and you will be asked to make decisions on the spot. Knowing your mind will help you choose wisely. If in any doubt, do what is in your best interests. Keep this in mind throughout the day and all will be well. Try not to be coerced into anything you may later need to back out of. Stay focused.
— Elizabeth Peru ~ The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

I advise that you stay aware and in your own zone. Do your best not to get sidetracked by the dramas of others. Know what is your own business and what is not. As we head into Tuesday of this week we are being tested. Stay cool. This is a passing cosmic influence and one that can radically up-shift your life. Make the most of this by forging ahead with strong choices that set you up for the life you desire.

You can do this xxx  Elizabeth

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Posted on May 5, 2015 .