SOLAR ALERT - X Flare on the Sun

My dear community,

As suspected, given the very intense cosmic climate over the past 24 hours (see my Blog post and heads up from yesterday) there has been a huge upswing in solar flares.

As I write this post to you, there has just been a what looks like an X2 flare (awaiting confirmation) and this was preceded by several M+ flares over the past 12 hours. All coinciding with high seismic activity of 7+ quakes around Papua New Guinea again yesterday,

What does it mean for us? Well we felt this build up all weekend and I forecasted these erratic few days,  in the current Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast. The Full Moon burst the cosmic energy bubble and tension has now been released.

Sensitives and people with heightened awareness...
We feel these flares as they happen on the Sun, regardless of whether they ever impact Earth's field. In the days before a big flare (M Class or above) we can feel like we are going crazy.

Symptoms that a big flare is coming:

  • Headaches (tension especially). Many people also get migraines.
  •  A general feeling of grumpiness and confused thoughts.
  • A feeling that something bad is about to happen - impending doom.
  • Choices and options open up. So much choice, that we can feel overwhelmed.
  • A feeling of being ungrounded and insecure.
  • Animals get uneasy and erratic.
  • We are forced to become flexible and adaptable.

Once a flare happens on the Sun:

  • We are flooded with instant clarity and insight.
  • The tension eases up and is replaced by a wave of spiritual awareness.
  • Bodies may feel sore or stiff. We need to stretch and exercise to move the energy.
  • We receive an upswing in solar/cosmic light.
  • Our awareness and perceptions become heightened.
  • We become very sleepy as our bodies bring in the new light from our solar system.

Solar flares are a natural occurrence year round. We have just come out of solar maximum, so the Sun is actually going into a down period for the next eleven years. Over the next decade, we now have the task of doing our daily work and ensuring we act on what is good for us without the Sun pushing us so much.

I cannot stress this enough. You matter and what you do with what you think you know matters. So act without delay, each day.

To help during flares:

  • Drink extra water. Keep stimulants to a minimum.
  • Take your shoes off to get grounded.
  • Have salt baths.
  • Meditate or play soothing music.
  • Stay away from conflict.
  • Act in your best interests.

As I have said in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast for this mid-week period:

It’s an important mid-week period. Our focus is on balance, centering and conserving our precious energy. I suggest you make the most of this significant half way point to solstice, by arranging some alone time if you can. Even if that means grabbing a short walk, or taking an extra long shower, whatever it is for you. Make it happen. There are way too many answers waiting for you right now and if you are mentally busy, chances are you will miss them.
— Elizabeth Peru ~ The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

Let's make the most of this week and the current high solar activity. Act on what is good for you and slow down to tune into the cosmic flow. We are being showered in light this week.

Love you
Elizabeth x

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