Intense Vibrations - All shook Up

My dear community,
Have you noticed that since the weekend our animals, children and all aware and sensitive adults have been extra challenged? There is literally so much energy moving through Earth (via the cosmos) that we are all a little jumpy and extra agitated, trying to dissipate the high vibration through our body.

Animals, Children and Aware Adults
In particular the animlas are feeling this. You may have noticed that your family animals are extra energetic this week. Yes? Perhaps they cannot settle, are a little flighty or are getting aggressive or noisy?

The same with children. I've  heard many first-hand reports from teachers that classrooms are anything but quiet at the moment and the children and doing all they can to shake off their excess charge.

Socially acceptable
The good thing about animals and children is that they will openly express how they feel. It is more socially acceptable (and almost expected) for an animal or child to act up and get out their energy, by running around or screaming, than it is for an adult.

Aware Adults
So aware and sensitive adults are having a hard time of it. Is this you? Are you feeling like you just want to hide or that you need to get it all out? If so, I urge you to do something about this. Go for  a big walk or run, or do whatever physical activity helps you let off steam. You NEED to. Just like the children and animals are doing.

WHY is this happening?
We had a very intense 'truth' Full Moon on Monday, on the same day as we entered the pre-shadow period of The Mercury Retrograde Season. Communication is now our major theme until mid June. Every day we will be required to move and be flexible and adaptable with the fast paced changes we are being pushed to make.

Add to this, the very intense solar flares (X2 and various M+ categories) of this week, which have caused all sorts of earth crust displacement and major 7+ earthquakes over the past two weeks. EARTH is shifting becasue of cosmic changes in our solar system. We are not immune. Your life is shifting.

You are a sphere of energy (body) physically located on a sphere of energy (Earth) moving through space. We are energy that has crated a planetary body to experience through and thus, you are experiencing the changes in physical and subtle energy to your body and to Earth's body. We are not immune to this.

How do you run with it? YOU BECOME AWARE that you are not an island unto yourself and you work with the energy shifts. When you are called to be active. You get active. When you are called to be still. You be still. Rather than fight the shifts, you go with them. You give over to the energy and you become at ONE with it.

The whole focus of my writing for the past eleven years, with The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast has been to educate you on this. Educate that we work with the cosmic forces to excel and make the most of our human life.

Nothing that is happening now is a surprise to me, and if you follow my work it will not be a surprise to you either. Be in your power, harness your energy and work with nature's force.

As I have said in The Tip-Off Forecast for this Thursday...

Right now, you are being urged to bravely listen to your inner voice, the invisible energy that you are. For come this weekend and the next 22 Master Day, you will be acting on what you learn and uncover now.
— Elizabeth Peru ~ The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

The new issue of The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast is out Friday. It covers my accurate and in-depth cosmic and life forecasts (every day for the planet) from May 8-14, 2015.


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