Take Care - Be Grounded

My dear community,

We have had some intense cosmic light filter through Earth over the past five days. As a result, we have been accelerated and life has changed immensely hasn't it?

Have you had a life major change this a week? Most of us have. And it's all good...

What I am finding is that we are being helped along to no longer be complacent. The very nature of soul is EXPANSION. So think about it..how often do you expand unless you are pushed to? Unless you have to?

We can all get so comfortable in our daily routines and that's when life passes us by.

THIS WEEK YOU KNOW YOU ARE ALIVE...YES? Why? Because you are forced to jump into extraordinary sitations. You are testing your resolve and adaptability. You are proving your value and worth and it's lighting you up!

As I have said in my NEW Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast just out now for MAY 8-14...

The energy is simply stunning and intensely caring over the next 24 hours. We have a lead in to the weekend that asks us to slow down and see what is already within us, to see what incredible innate value we possess.
— Elizabeth Peru ~ The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

I urge you all to rise into your greatness by going with your changes. My Tip-Off Forecast is with you each day, like a firm and loving guide.  Written seven days in advance, so you can plan and prepare to make the most of every cosmic event coming your way.

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