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We are now in the lead up to a significant energy event of 2015. This coming weekend it is Solstice, an event honoured and celebrated by our ancestors, as a significant turning point in the wheel of life on Earth.

We have been preparing for this event since 2015 began. Do you remember New Year's Eve 2015 and the rush we experienced? Many had physical ailments (spiritual flu) as their bodies reactivated to the new light. We felt an intensity to move forward and claim our life path and direction with dignity and focus.

Now at Solstice... we get to re-set this original vision for 2015 and replenish and re-direct for the final six months in '2015 The Year of Action...'

At Solstice...
The Sun will be at its highest point over the equator in the Northern Hemisphere and its lowest point in the Southern.

We experience the day of most and least light respectively. Summer or Winter officially kicks off.

We hold the balance for one another. We come together in one heart and under the one Sun. We are preparing now and I urge you to follow my Facebook page each for my ENERGETIC FITNESS steps in the lead up to this significant life re-setting  cosmic event.

This weekend join me for a powerful Solstice Energy Activation.
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This is my first global energy activation of 2015 and will take you through a process to reset your life direction at this turning point of the year. It will be recorded live and then be available for viewing on your Tip-Off access page. It’s an event not to be missed. The energy will be palpable this weekend and I'll be there with you, guiding you through. See you then xxx

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