My Dear Friends,
The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

Right now check in and see if you are holding your spine in alignment. Are you? Is your back straight or are you hunched over or leaning to one side or the other? I ask this, because the way you hold your body is relevant to the way energy is able to be conducted evenly throughout your body. A strong and aligned spine allows even flow of Earth and cosmic energy and puts you in the driver's seat for effective channeling and conduction of psychic and spiritual messages. It is quite literally a path way, a road way or a bridge home to the conscious awareness of soul...

You will notice a marked difference in your immediate demeanor when you lengthen your spine. Do it now. How do you feel? What is the difference in your outlook as you lengthen and rise? Notice your confidence rises. Notice how you open up your chest and give room for your internal organs to have space. You give room for energy to flow without disruption or blockages.

The spine is the central cordage of the nervous system which transports light throughout your body. The spine is activated by solar flares (and we've had big ones this week) as you pick up on cosmic vibration tuning up your body to higher consciousness.

I urge you to make the most of the Solstice this weekend by standing tall and focusing on an aligned spine. It will assist you in receiving messages from soul and then relaying your desires out into the universe for strong physical manifestation.

Let me know how better you feel and what effects an aligned spine has on you by commenting below x

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