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The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast

How have you been since the weekend and Solstice blessed us in it's cosmic light ? The energy was at fever pitch as we intently decided to shed our old toxic habits. Many people did this naturally without even being aware of the opportunity at hand, whilst others knew it was Solstice and used the occasion to step through and let go of lifetimes of misunderstandings. Which were you? We said, "Yes" to living our fullest potential and now there is no going back. Why would you want to?

Now since the Solstice our buttons have been pushed and you are at a critical choice point. Yes? Can you feel it? The question is, "Do you continue on your new empowered path or do you sink back into the old, yet familiar habits that keep you down?" ...

Keeping up our momentum
After any intense cosmic event we can feel a little depleted in the days following. It's like any big event that we look forward to, after it is complete we need to have a plan and be prepared to follow through.

Solar Flares
The planetary line up continuously occurring in our skies helps us connect with soul. That's why I have written The Tip-Off Forecast for the past twelve years. Connecting with soul and our truth is the bonus we receive with cosmic help. Then it is up to us to keep the energy going 'IN-BETWEEN' planetary pushes. This week it's as though the Sun knew we would be needing a bit of encouragement, as we are receiving some of the biggest flares of 2015 to propel us along. See my Facebook wall for daily updates.

To maintain momentum
Now to stay riding the wave you simply set yourself daily tasks and practices. Habits form when we repeat something often of similar energy. We perform habitual practices each day, usually without knowing. Why not create them in your full consciousness?

  • Each day now check in with yourself every hour or so.
  • Take a few moments to pause and reflect.
  • What are you saying? Is your language positive and supportive or negative and restrictive?
  • How are you standing or sitting?
  • Are you in alignment or is your body hunched and crossed over?
  • Adjust yourself accordingly.
  • Your awareness is everything in maintaining momentum.
  • Yes it does require work on your part to be focused daily.
  • Yes you need to stay consistent. You'll thank yourself for this.
  • Yes it will yield loving it and you'll know.

    How are you keeping up your post Solstice momentum?

We are accelerating this week into the brightest celestial paring of the year when Venus and Jupiter conjoin in our skies. The NEW 'Love Action' issue of  The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast is out Friday and features my exclusive July Energy Overview free for all subscribers.

Be ready and in your momentum for this once a year cosmic event...
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