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The past week has seen some incredible shifts in consciousness. Since last weekend's Solstice, we have reached a mid-year turning point. The number of M+ Class Flares since Solstice has brought in what NASA is calling a 'Solstice Storm'. So many CME's hitting Earth's field and about time too. We had a huge build-up of cosmic radiation around Earth prior to Solstice, which is partly why May felt so heavy. The Solar Flaring has dispersed this energy and brought with it an influx of light. So what does this mean for you?...

It's timely that we revisit one of my most popular posts, being that about SPIRITUAL FLU. So many of my beautiful community are reporting of their 'flu like' symptoms since the Solstice. I myself have found I needed extra sleep this week and have gone through the aching joints too. It happens to all of us when there is a celestial up-sift. I urge you to stay with your process rather than fighting it or judging yourself.

These shifts are part of us dis-engaging from the negativity of this planet. Energy shifts can take us into all different directions until we find our core. Once you become aware and go through this over several cycles and you begin to know what to expect and not judge it, but to welcome what comes becasue of our raised consciousnesses.

When you know of these cosmic influences, you can be prepared and go with them...this is why I have written The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast each week, for over 11 years now...

Since Solstice there has been an increase global consciousness and also, what I term 'Spiritual Flu'. I've been using this terminology for many years, as I have seen myself and countless others go through major energy shedding periodically, after intense cosmic influences. It's like our body incubates, heats up and burns away the energy toxicity when we move to a new level of spiritual awareness. Personal power is being re-calibrated within...

What is Spiritual Flu?
- You may have sore joints/muscles, thumping headaches, tiredness, sore eyes, blocked ears or nose, feeling hot from within (but not fever), heat coming from hands and feet, tingling all over, thymus palpitations. There are many symptoms that arise seemingly out of the blue. In other words, you can't recall any physical event or reason that may have brought them on.

- Yet whilst you may think you are coming down with a cold or the flu, you don't actually get the full blown sore throat or fully inflamed sinuses etc. The signs are there, yet they are not physically intense.

- It's like you have an 'energy flu' rather than a physical one. There are some physical symptoms (as I mention above) yet they are MILDER than a normal physical flu. Naturally if you are physically ill, get this checked out. I recommend you, "Check out the physical so you can put your mind at rest".

Yes, some people will feel physically challenged. Others will not. It all depends on your level of spiritual awareness and what you DO with it.

In particular these spiritual flu symptoms seem to be more gentle on people who make their changes 'as and when they feel called to', rather than then leaving them up to the cosmos to bring about. Which are you?

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