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My Dear Friends,
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I just have to get this blog post out to you and give you the big heads up about how important it is to make the absolute most of your opportunities over the next 8 days. Why? Mercury Retrograde concludes late next week and it is the best period of the year to create radical shifts in your life and for the social paradigm on Earth.

World Shifts
This week on my Facebook page I spoke about upheaval and shake-ups in all areas of government and social structures since the Mercury Retrograde began on May 4....

Here's a recap from May 31:
" My Dear Friends in the UK, how are you with all of the recent changes to government and the Queen's announced referendum to the UK staying or not staying in the EU? Very positive that Ireland voted yes to same sex marriage, lifting old taboos. I find it apt timing that these shifts come right in the middle of Mercury Retrograde and right after the annual Saturn Opposition. Is it possible that the long planned 'one government' that the EU was created for is about to fall?

As I mentioned the other day there will be more unsettled disruptions worldwide with corruption and conspiracy being revealed. The FIFA debacle is yet to fully unravel with football having controlled the masses for decades. What if we put as much passion into our own lives as some people do into their football teams?...What a race of creative, expansive beings we could be.

My Dear Friends in the US, once again sending my love to Texas and Oklahoma and the widespread rain and flooding that you are experiencing. I see that now we are halfway through the Mercury Retrograde it's possible that the patriot act could be shut down after this weekend? As citizens of the US what are your thoughts on this from the higher perspective?
I sense a lot of uncomfortable people on Earth at present, and that's good. Why? It's only when we get out of our comfort zones that we get fired up, that we can rise and start making deliberate personal choices that empower us. We choose what we listen and relate to. Choose your information sources wisely.

Here's to people everywhere kicking themselves up the bum and deciding to live life on their terms. It's the only way from my perspective. Sure we are all a part of the system, yet skill yourself to be in it for all intents and purposes, doing your good work, all the while using the system to the higher advantage. It's possible. Just takes creativity, dedication and a non-defeatist attitude. We can't be complacent anymore...

The upshot is, that this is the best period of the year to instigate change and stir the pot. People are now more open and lulled out of their comfort zones. You can catch others unawares. This is good news because people are potentially less stuck and more open to your suggestions and reasoning. So if you know someone that normally hides their truth, help them out (and yourself) by bringing attention to matters that have been taboo or swept under the carpet.

And you have 8 DAYS LEFT...so get cracking....

We've seen what I spoke about on May 31 already shift. The US Patriot Act passed it's deadline for renewal, and the FIFA boss has since resigned after being reinstated.

What other global shifts have you seen take place in your neck of the woods?
Anything can and will happen right now. Very exciting times.

Be that change maker we all need to see actioning and walking their talk. I love you guys xxx

What have been your experiences this week? Have you felt this change? Let me know by commenting below and join in the global conversation.

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Posted on June 4, 2015 .