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It's a whirlwind of a year isn't it? We are moving at such a pace in 2015 'The Year of Action' and with this comes stressed minds, bodies and souls crying out to slow down, stop and retreat. Have you felt this call to connect from within? Have you wanted to give back to yourself, so you can feel more relaxed, focused and calm? Yet time just seems to slip out of your fingers whenever you go to do something about feeling good. Your answer is the same answer that has been beckoning millions of souls for eons...and that is to meditate...

Meditation can often be a scary word to people new to spirituality, personal development and self-help. Yet meditation simply means to 'focus'. For we are mental human beings and our power comes from the ability to channel our thoughts, attention and focus in the direction of our conscious choosing. Yet how many people are actually aware of what they are focusing on each day and therefore, what reality they are choosing and therefore, creating for themselves?

Most people are focusing without awareness on what they DO NOT want to create in their life and they are getting it, they are getting more and more of it. We often wonder what we can be doing differently to create the life of our dreams and yet the answer is very simple. The answer is to meditate and tap into and align with the universal flow.

You see meditation is about undoing the complication so that the simplicity can flow. Our unfocused and often erratic thought forms complicate our lives unnecessarily. It is a misconception that regular meditation dulls you down or makes you in some way less efficient or less sharp than your contemporaries. In actuality, meditation is the secret of success. Ask any any conscious entrepreneur or leader who has ever lived if they meditate and the answer will surprise you....Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Oprah, Marcus Aurelius to name a few. Oh and by the way just tune into your dog or cat, they are proficient meditators and experts at conserving and focusing their energy.


  • Firstly we need to decide that meditation is an important enough activity that will benefit us if we give our attention to it each day.
  • Secondly we then set aside as little as 5 or up to 60 minutes a day to practice.
  • I suggest you see it as an activity as important enough as having a shower or eating breakfast each morning.
  • Make it your daily essential.
  • When to practice? Perhaps when you first wake and are still in bed. 
  • Simply place your hands on your tummy and breathe in through your nose, deeply down into the belly.
  • Bring the breath up through your lungs and release with a HA sound out through the mouth.
  • Your breathing may feel laboured at first (as most of us shallow breathe) yet the more you practice, the more air you can bring into your lungs and the more relaxed your body will feel as it lets go of tension in the cells.
  • Meditation can be this simple to begin with.
  • Simply focus on relaxing the body and mind with your conscious breath.
  • This focuses your energy in a life giving direction.
  • Give yourself a 7 day window to begin with. Then look forward to your daily meditation practice. Revel in it. Make it your little secret to success.
  • See if in those 7 days you don't feel more aligned with your goals and clearer with your intentions and focus.
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