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Who loves a good yawn? That wonderful feeling of release, warmth and relaxation that we feel when we spontaneously open our mouth wide, stretch our jaw and feel a rush of energy tingle down the spine and throughout our body. It's sublime. Yes? Like you are caught in a moment of bliss, where any other thought, care, or concern fades into single minded nothingness.

Well there is a reason for that...and it isn't just that yawning can signal tiredness. Yawning can be an automated response to low levels of light in the body. Light gives energy and life and yawning is an emergency response via the body's intelligence to keep you topped up with energy. It's a great spiritual secret...

Look at this photo above of the gorgeous kitten mid-yawn and now see if it doesn't make you yawn too. Go on now, take a big yawn and notice how you feel when you do. The air gets sucked deep down into your belly, your eyes close, you go within, your body feels loose and open right down to your fingers and toes and you may hear a rumble of what sounds like water rushing through your ears.

When we yawn we actually trigger a rush of spinal fluid release from within the brain, down the back of the neck (the occipital region) and throughout our entire CNS (central nervous system). Some people hear this release as a rush of what feels like 'liquid' or 'thunder' in the ears. Interestingly this is the same sound we can hear whilst in a lucid/asleep state before the on-set of astral projection, or astral travel (but that's a post for another day - if you're interested in knowing more about astral travel and the breath let me know in the comments below).

When we yawn, blood flow is also increased, as instantly every cell in your body is filled with light. It's why we tend to feel 'lighter' physically after a good yawn too.

As we flush our system with cerebro-spinal fluid, the cells are also cleared of toxic build-up and the diaphragm is triggered, which activates and awakens our SOLAR PLEXUS, the absolute HUB of energy for the human body.

When our solar plexus energy centre is depleted, fear and resistance can eat away at us. When we yawn we send a jolting signal to the solar plexus to fill up with light. My intuition tells me that it IS the solar plexus (our stomach's brain) which tells the body to yawn in order to send it a top-up of energy. Yawning helps wipe away fear, and so you may find yourself yawning in situations where you are unsure or when you are out of your comfort zone. Sound familiar?

In Summary:

  • Yawning is good for you and helps us stay connected to our internal equilibrium.
  • Never be embarrassed about yawning. It is to be encouraged, as it connects us with our flow.
  • You can trigger a yawn just by thinking about one. It is an emergency tool when you need more light, life and balance in your body and energy.
  • Breathing deeply each day, thinking and acting positively and engaging in stretching and meditation will reduce the amount of yawning you need to do in order to stay in the flow.
  • if you lead a compromised lifestyle (and most of us do at some stage each day) yawn often for energy health. It's like a mini-healing session every time you yawn and no one knows what you are doing. Yawning is a truly a great 'spiritual secret'...

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