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Ever since I can remember, I have been drawing and focusing on symbols of power. Perhaps you have too? We can often dismiss the drawing of such symbols as mere 'doodling of the idle imagination'. Yet what are symbols of power, if they do not come from our deepest instincts, within the vaults of our soul, our mind? In this day and age where everyone speaks of logos and branding, have you ever considered that your Power Symbol is your special logo, its is your brand so to speak...

In 2015 there has been an upsurge of negativity sweeping across planet Earth. I've spoken about the reason for this in previous Blogs and in my Tip-Off Forecasts. And thus, it has come to my attention to discuss with you, the importance of using your personal POWER SYMBOL to stay healthy and strong...

To know what your personal Power Symbol is, simply think about what shape or drawing you resonate with and what are you drawn to time and time again? It could be the Sun, the Moon, a rose, a pyramid, a star, the ankh, a pentagram, a feather, a rainbow...the list is endless and it will be a different symbol for each of us.

When you have come up with your favourite Power Symbol, consider using it on a daily basis to clean and clear the space and energy all around you. How?


  • Wear your symbol as a necklace, ring, earrings, body art or drawn/printed on a piece of clothing. Either have your symbol visible or not visible to the outside world.
  • You can also draw the symbol around your body with your imagination before you begin each day. Try putting your symbol over your house, car and workplace too.
  • When we wear our power symbol, it literally charges up our energy field with a like vibration to our own. This produces a strong aura, which repels negativity and keeps you in high energy health.
  • You can also have objects around your home that reflect the quality of your favourite Power Symbol.
  • Try meditating whilst sitting on a large drawing of your Power Symbol. You can do this on a large sheet of paper or on a bed sheet.
  • Place your Power symbol any place in your home that you wish to make sacred with your essence. This can then become your 'go to place' where you rest and re-charge in the light of your soul.

What other creative ways can you come up with to use your Power Symbol? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below! Let's POWER UP and reclaim our innate essence with the help of our sacred personal symbols x

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