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Today I thought I would start something a little different on my blog. I know myself, I learn from hearing other people's stories and applying them to my own life. Are you the same? Over the years (since I've been on my spiritual path) I've collected a LOT of stories and experiences, some funny, some difficult, always there for my highest good. Here's one of them about trust and intuition and about learning that everything I need is already planning required.

OK, so I'm the sort of person who always likes to do my best. I like to give 100% and apply myself so that my best abilities are being used. It's been like this since I was little, so I feel it's a part of my soul make-up, rather than a trait I picked up from my upbringing along the way. To this end, I err on being a planner. My natural tendency is  to have all my bases covered, so to speak, before I jump. Yet I've learned, since being in business for myself, that you can't know everything and it's best just to jump, even before you think you're ready.

Actually going back to when I was a kid, I would start something without really knowing (or caring) where I would end up. I would just dive right in and learn as I go. Somewhere along the line of growing up and being told by adults what we are and are not capable of, we can tend to have that confident urge dimmed somewhat. When I began my spiritual path of awakening back in the mid-late 1990's, this trust in my abilities all came flooding back in.

So, it was during an intensive course I was taking in Sound and Colour Healing, that I was really thrown in the deep end by my teacher. I so loved this work, it felt like I was back in ancient Egypt and my teacher was unlike any other. There was no note taking in class, we had to put our books away and there was a lot of silence between speaking. When you are new to these concepts (like I was back then) phew... that is all so challenging to take in. Anyways, it was after lunch one day that we had one of those long, long silent moments. It was during the silence, that I could just feel my teacher was calling to me and was about to say my name. Sure enough after about 10 minutes of silence and us all just looking at each other and the floor, she said, "Elizabeth".

"I knew it", I said. "I knew you were going to say my name".
"Yes", she said. "Now why is that?"
"Because you want me to do something", I said.
"Yes", she said. "I want you to take the class for the rest of the afternoon".

Well my heart nearly dropped out of my chest, my pulse went through the roof, I broke out in a cold sweat.  That was 3 hours I had to fill! I had nowhere to run or hide, no prior prep to fall back on and in that moment I had to well and truly put my money where my mouth was. My teacher was doing me the biggest favour, of my soon to be teaching career, and I was about to find out why.

So after I stopped rushing out in my head, I was encouraged to just slow down and take the class through something that I myself would enjoy. It wasn't so much that I had to offer something of great technical importance to the class and show them what I knew, more so offer something from my heart. I loved aromatherapy oils and had them with me at the class. I also loved colour silks and had them with me too. I also had just bought a huge crystal quartz singing bowl without even knowing what it was, yet feeling it reminded me of being in Tibet up in the mountains. I had the bowl on lay-by for weeks (cos it was so expensive back in the day, before they were popular) and now I proudly had it at class with me.

With my much loved tools around me, I decided to almost 'choreograph' a little afternoon event, on the spot. I had been a dancer all my life and choreography came naturally to me. I gathered the other class members around the crystal singing bowl and we imagined it was like a fire that could sing out our soul's song into existence. I decided to make everyone their own personal aromatherapy blend, which would be energised by each of us sounding our song into the fire and creating a unique energy. One of the class members ran down to the local chemist and bought some empty bottles and carrier oil. Then one by one I tuned into each class member and created a blend of oils just for them. I then put each unique blend into the bowl (one at a time) as we all sat around with coloured silks draped over us. It felt so sacred.

Then one by one we sounded our song into the crystal bowl as it was played. We also played other instruments too, that we had around us, as well as used our voices, so strong they were. Every song, for every person, was just so stunning and touching.  When complete, we all had our unique soul blend to take home. The idea was to apply the blend as a perfume whenever we wanted to re-connect to our inner fire and our celebrate our unique soul sound.

So ALL of that I came up with, in the moment and it was perfect and so whole and complete. I learned in that one afternoon, the most valuable lesson I have ever learned in any course I have ever taken (and there has been many). To trust that all I need to be my best is already here. That if I 'think' I'm not 100% prepared, so what! That's actually an illusion. The best moments are created by pulling from the resources within you. Then you go with the flow and what presents on the day.

I trust you can take from my experience something to apply in your own life. Life is about being, not so 'mental' and hard on ourselves as it is about being heart-felt and creative as you dive into the deep end. Then you see the world as your abundant ally.

Everything is placed around us, by us, to assist on our path. And if I were in this same situation again today, I feel I would use nothing other than my own voice to take the class. Learning to trust in my voice as a tool for healing, is another story for another to you xxx

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