My Dear Community,

In this year of 2015 the 'Year of Action', we are particularly being moved away from situations, people and places they do not suit who we are at our core. Have you noticed? More than any other year since the great shift of late 2010, 2015 is pushing us into our integrity, as soul demands that we be free. And soul is you by the way...

Now depending on how much you yearn to live your truth, you may feel this push to varying extents. if you are someone who has been thinking about breaking free and living life on their terms for many years, then the urge to actually do something about it will become unbearable this year....until you do it that is!

Soul pushes us to extraordinary feats
Consider that your true nature, as spiritual energy, knows no limits, no bounds, is eternal and all creative. That IS your core and the same goes for all of us. No matter what our human circumstances appear to be, we are all soul inhabiting a human framework and we all have the same make-up and therefore, potentials.

The challenge of human life is to remember what and who we are, where we come from and then use our magnificent imagination, intuition and creative skills to create lives of meaning and reward.

We all know this to varying degrees, the difference being that some people will go forth and seek how to use their born with manifesting abilities knowingly and others will not. Which are you? Are you a seeker or someone who is happy with the status quo?

Are you boxed in?
Now if you strongly desire the freedom of soul's expression to come to life, then you may find that circumstances, which had previously boxed you in, start to collapse in 2015. The greater your need to be free, the greater the structures in your life that do not support that freedom will be crumbling. Why?

Well the planetary energy is grounded, action based and focused on building your self-worth and personal power in 2015. We are all influenced by daily planetary energy and hence, we are being given a huge helping to move away from old outmoded ways of living.

Soul is in direct alignment with planetary energy, so whether your head knows about this or not, your heart surely does... Soul is guiding you to the direction that will see you living with love and expressing creatively daily. After all, that is what we are here for.

So...if you feel the urge to break out of your daily routine, then this is the year to follow the call because you are being supported and helped by the universal forces. In other words, it's easier now than it has been in years past. Truly it is.

As we head into the August New Moon this Friday/Saturday, manifesting our desires for the remaining five months of 2015 is the key theme. What you focus on comes quickly now.

So focus on what you desire then follow through. Soul is leading the way....

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