My Dear Friends,

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for yourself? To decide what time you wake up every day, who you see, where you go, what time you have lunch, what you do? The possibilities are endless, aren't they? I used to dream of this life too when I was working for someone else. I dreamed of it for most of my life actually and when I was in my early 30's, after I'd had my spiritual wake-up call,  I decided I had to do something about it....

What triggered my move into becoming an entrepreneur was that feeling of dread, waking up each morning to spend 9-10 hours of my day working in a role that didn't make my heart sing. Have you ever felt the same? I can remember when I turned 30 I said to myself, "The past ten years of your life have gone so quickly, the next ten will as well. Do you want to wake-up when you're 40 and still aren't working for yourself? The reality of this hit me hard and kicked me into gear. We all need something that serves as our call. Yes?  I knew that a business takes time and effort to build and ten years isn't long to be up and running and on the track to success.

So I started...and I was so determined to give meaning to my life and my work. I can remember when I made that internal decision that I was breaking free, it was like the most delicious secret in the world. I would go into my old job everyday just knowing that I was doing the work behind the scenes to transition and work full time in healing and metaphysics, areas that I loved and I was really good at. I gave myself permission to shift the paradigm and create a soulful career of my choosing. No one was going to tell me how to do, that was up to me. It was the best feeling in the world.

That internal decision to break free and go my own way was made over fifteen years ago now. And yes it has gone quick, but I've achieved so much in that time. I'm so glad I kicked myslef into gear and looked ahead with a vision for my life. If I hadn't done that, I may not be where I am right now. It may have taken me a lot longer or I may not have done it at all.

You are the visionary in your life and what you say just need to follow through and stay fast to your vision. I'm living proof of it and I encourage you to not give up, be focused, dedicated and make it happen for you too. This planet has room for thousands of people breaking free and taking their own lead. It's not just a dream, although it does start that way xx

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