MERCURY RETROGRADE is here...let's act on what we love!

My Dear Friends,

Mercury has just turned retrograde, right in the middle of the eclipse doorway, which stays open until the Super Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse on September 28. So what does it all mean? Well, right now the cosmic energies are intense and also very supportive. If ever there was a month of 2015 when you can follow through with your dreams and make them happen...September is it. Let me tell you how...

More than any other month of 2015, September presents us with a cosmic helping hand. You will feel an inner light and a confidence to move on your plans and dreams. With Mercury now in retrograde you will feel your power centre (your solar plexus, just under your ribs) activated and pumping light to every area of your body. This means we will feel an increased passion and enthusiasm to move ahead with our long held desires.

The planets are backing you up to extend past your normal limits. This is not the month to be shy and retiring. We are zipping up in our personal evolution, as we take risks and benefit from the results...

  • Mercury Retrograde is good for you. It moves you out of your comfort zone , which means it aids in your personal growth.
  • The two weeks between eclipses provides daily opportunities to ask for and receive abundance. The eclipse doorway is a rare yearly period where our manifesting skills are turned onto high. Advantageous offers can also come out of the blue.
  • Your personal evolution is being accelerated. Simply jump onto everything that you would normally find a challenge and see how much easier it is for you to accomplish successful results under this cosmic climate.

With all of this expansive energy around, I found it very app to launch my NEW Online Video Courses this month. We all have within us a genius soul that quietly speaks and nudges us to our true calling. Has soul been calling to you in 2015? Are you on the verge of a spiritual awakening? Perhaps you long to work in or rekindle a career and profession that you love and that utilises all of your talents and skills?

My NEW Online Video Courses are an easy, instantly insightful and convenient way to learn. Each course is presented as a series of pre-recorded Online Video Classes that are Mobile Friendly. With streaming video there is nothing to download or install. Every Online Video Course includes comprehensive study guides that are both printable and easy to view on screen.

The topics I'm most often asked about are... How can I transition to a soulful career? How do I find my life purpose? and How do I read energy and the stars? These are subjects all close to my heart and areas in which I'm thrilled to share my knowledge. In my NEW Online Video Courses I offer you my first-hand guidance and lessons learned, as you embrace a spiritual path in everyday life.

Incredible Opportunities.
There are incredible opportunities, as well as little known pitfalls, which arise when you are building up a soulful life path, all of which I discuss in my upcoming courses. To have someone who has walked the path before you and then lead you through, serves as an invaluable guide during the most precious of life transitions.

Why you'll Love these courses....
• You'll be empowered to create the life you want to lead.
• You'll be encouraged and supported to follow your inner guidance with confidence.
• You'll receive practical steps in applying spirituality to everyday situations.
• You'll gain fresh perspectives on ancient soul wisdom.

My Online Video Courses allow for self-paced learning, placing a particular emphasis on self-enquiry. I walk you through the stages of personal and spiritual development, as you exponentially go within to soul and source for all of your answers. I call it the process of 'living teaching' as each class stays fresh and potent for you over repeated viewings. Always revealing something new, giving you greater insight and promoting the unfolding of your growing awareness.


:: COURSE NUMBER 1. -- The Soulful Career
Do you have a wonderful idea for your career, but there are fears that hold you back? We all have hurdles to overcome that often limit our success. Identifying what soul desires as the best fit career for us is often a difficult step. Learn to identify what it is you would love as a career, but perhaps have been resisting. You'll marvel at what you discover your soul desires for your life and you'll be given the practical action steps to follow through and make your soulful career a reality.

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:: COURSE NUMBER 2. -- Finding Your Life Purpose
Do you have a thirst for spiritual knowledge and a strong desire to improve your life?  Does spirituality intrigue you, yet overwhelm you at the same time? What if you learned that your life has a definite and determined purpose?  Finding this purpose is a process of discovery which begins when you first wake-up to your soulful truth. In this comprehensive course, Elizabeth shares the journey from our first spiritual awakening right through to the challenges and shifts we encounter along the journey to discovering our purpose.

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:: COURSE NUMBER 3. -- Cosmic Codes
Would you like to know how each planet influences and impacts on you? Perhaps you read astrology forecasts and get confused with what each planet represents? What if there was a simple way that you could relate to each planet and be in tune with the cosmos as you gain your own wisdom and messages from the planets and stars? This is what Cosmic Codes gives you, Elizabeth's own techniques to form a relationship with our planetary influences.

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Posted on September 17, 2015 .