My Dear Friends,

You've most probably heard of the art of channeling. Perhaps you have wondered if you can do it yourself or if it is a skill that is restricted to the realms of those who are spiritually adept at such things.  Well, I look upon channeling from a very simple and practical standpoint. For years I thought that channeling was a skill I had to be born with and that to channel an other worldly being required great practice and responsibility. And indeed it does, but what if the being we were channeling wasn't something outside of ourselves?  What if that wise being we were channeling was actually us?...

I'll let you in on a secret...
Channeling happens spontaneously when we are inspired.
We channel or bring through spiritual wisdom when we are in the light, when we are being positive and living with passion.

And that being you are channeling is...you. Have you ever surprised yourself when you were deep in a creative moment with the incredible information you can bring through? Perhaps you've said, "Where did that just come from?" Have you assumed it couldn't be you? But, why not you?

Your soul is a magnificent receptacle and portal for the divine. You are in direct alignment with source. All of the wisdom of the ages flows through you and you have lived countless lifetimes with a myriad of experiences you can draw from.

The secret to channeling soul is to stay aware and creative everyday....

  • Meditate each morning and contemplate your life.
  • Walk or be in nature as often as possible each day.
  • Write down your insights and acknowledge them.
  • Share your wisdom with others everyday.
  • Act on what is good for you.
  • Follow your own advice.

When we truly listen to the voice of soul within and realise that we can and do channel divine knowing, we start to become self-reliased. We increase our trust and a life of reward and abundance opens up to us.

So, I invite you to consider that you are a natural channeler...it's just a matter of how you look at things!

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