The GREAT SHIFT of September...

My Dear Friends,

What an amazing month September has been! It's moved in a flash and brought with it every opportunity that I forecasted would occur in The Tip-Off and so much more. This past weekend has seen us experience the final eclipse of 2015. A Total Lunar Eclipse that happened to coincide with a Full Moon on the day when the Moon was closest to Earth all month. This is a rare trifecta of cosmic happenings and even rarer is that this Total Lunar Eclipse closed a tetrad of such eclipses beginning back in April 2014. So what that means is we just completed a cycle of change which began over 18 months ago! How have you shifted since April 2014...

Thanks to the continual dedication and positivity of thousands of souls around the globe, who have been lifting their awareness, doing their work and raising their consciousness. Earth has just achieved a notable upswing in vibration over the past week.

I call those who work for spirit and walk their talk, day in and day out 'Soul Troopers'. Are you a Soul Trooper? Someone who walks the less traveled path, who makes no excuses, doesn't lay blame, practices clean living, compassion for all life forms and takes full responsibility for their advancement? Perhaps you're a Soul Trooper in the making?

After any great energy shift comes a period of reflection, down time and preparation for anew day and a new way. This is precisely what is occurring as October opens. You may feel like you need to change everything all at once. Or perhaps you have no idea of where to start, yet just know that you want to radically overhaul your lifestyle? If these feelings are arising within you, then good, you are connected to source and in the direct universal flow!

My advice is to be patient for a few days. After any great shift assimilation is imperative.

As October kicks off so will your ideas flood in and the appropriate actions steps will be made known to you. Trust and immerse yourself in any type of spiritual study and be out in nature.  Read daily (perhaps you already receive my daily Tip-Off) and apply what you resonate with. Very soon an emergence and illumination will occur. Soul Troopers we are about to take it up a notch. Let's go!...

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