My Dear Friends,

Many people often presume that I am astrologer because I write about the planets and cosmic energy. Yet I am not. I've never studied traditional astrology, but I do study the movement of the planets and stars and the influences that I experience and notice others experiencing as a result of the universal planetary dance. Energy is everywhere, it's the very lifeblood of the universe and it's something that I tune into and interpret so that we can have a framework to gauge our growth against. Are you a lover of the stars? Do you often look up (as I do) in awe and fascination, with a knowing that you are a part of this interstellar rhythm?...

Opening up to the Universal Energy
Each one of us is a cosmic citizen. We are not just earth dwellers, we are a part of an holistic Eco-system including solar systems within galaxies, within universes both physical and invisible to our human senses. For we are energy beings first and foremost. It is our energy that creates our human form and it is our energy which is constantly morphing and is indestructible.

Therefore, energy is what we pick up on and are influenced by on a daily basis, moment to moment. There is no cement shield around earth that renders us immune to cosmic energy. Just as the movements of the planets and stars impacts on our emotions, mental, physical and emotional states, so too does earth's movements and all of her citizens impact upon the entire cosmos. We each affect the other and hence, it is so important to open yourself up to energy movements and see yourself as part of a greater whole.

Just consider how much the weather affects us. We all agree on this. Energy is just like the weather. You can forecast it and predict how it will affect us and with good accuracy.

As you go about your day, stop and feel the flow. Feel the energy all around you and begin to notice how you are influenced when the Moon is full or new, when there is an eclipse, when a planet is in retrograde or when the Sun is flaring.

You'll be surprised at how intuitive and on the mark you are...

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