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My Dear Community,

January has been a month of transition into the new energy for us all. 2016 is The Year of Completion and letting go of what no longer serves who we are today. Already we have seen the passing of many souls, particularly those of an artistic and creative leaning. See last week's Blog post where I have written about this in detail. All month we have been building to one of the most visually spectacular and energetically impactful planetary alignments of 2016 and the show begins on January 21...

What does it mean?
Imagine that every time you looked up to the sky, just before dawn, you saw a reflection of your most infinite possibilities. It's like giant celestial mirrors shining down on you, five of them showing different aspects of your soul's potential...

When Mercury joins the shy show on January 21, we will see five major planets all in alignment for the first time since 2005...Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. And the show will continue until late February, giving us a month of cosmic pushes to live true to our dreams and desires for 2016 and beyond.

In summary, you can expect these celestial mirrors of the cosmic superstars to trigger your:

  • self-worth
  • ability to act on what's good for you
  • clear communication skills
  • ability create and receive abundance
  • personal responsibility

This alignment is important, as it has a long duration and therefore, sees us being given ample opportunity to harness our life skills and prepare the way for an empowered year head x

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